Clothing Design Feedback?

Introduction/About Me

Hi there! I’m Sam, and I consider myself an active and enthusiastic member of the Roblox designing community. I started designing in December 2019, and I believe I’ve come far. I still have a long way to go though, which is why I’m posting this topic!

What I’m Asking

I’d like to know what the community thinks I should charge for my commissions, based on my current skill level. These are my current prices:

1 piece: 75 R$
2-pieces or a set: 100 R$

That’s pretty much it, I don’t currently give deals or discounts for bulk orders.

Before replying, keep in mind: Although I’m currently undervaluing my work, I still want my prices (if I raise them) to be affordable enough for me to get a decent amount of business. Most customers can’t pay thousands for a single outfit.

So, what do you guys think? Should I just keep my prices the same or raise them, and if so, what amounts would you suggest?


Open me! LOTS of examples.




I am mainly looking for feedback on commission prices, but please feel free to give advice on how to improve my designing skills as well!


You can’t ask for that, it counts as spam. Global Rule 7

Tell that to the numerous other clothing design feedback posts I’ve looked at before posting this?

This is the first one I’ve seen. I would just change the title to “Clothing Design Feedback” without the prices part.

Those are some really neat outfits! I love the design and the details put into it.

Also just what StodiusDev said earlier your not allow to create post asking for the price sadly :frowning:

Great clothing though!

Just because they have done something against rules doesnt give you the right to do it too.

There’s even a tag called “pricing” you can filter topics by. I can’t think of another use for this tag than what me and so many other people are doing.

Arguing over this is pointless. Those were probably made before this rule. Again as I said before, if someone broke a rule and got away with it doesnt mean that its not a rule.

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I must say it is quite frustrating to be the only person out of hundreds to be “called out” for something minor like this. I’d like to politely ask that only relevant replies that answer my question be added to this topic from now on. No more arguments, drama, or retorts. Tysm!

Rules are rules and you are not the only one that has been called out for asking price.