Clothing design - jeans improvement

Hello this is quite random but I was looking through some of my old clothing designs when I stumbled upon what I believe to be my first attempt at jeans. Which was funny because just earlier today I designed a pair of jeans.

Which with the help of my highly off-topic thought process I was compelled to create this post, so well here is my improvement from my first pair of jeans (hand drawn and whatever the other one is) to my latest pair.


First attempt - August 4th 2020
image first attempt hand-drawn - November 28th 2020 image latest attempt - June 26th 2021 image

Tell me what you think, do you think I have improved? Is there anything else I can do to further improve?
Thank you for reading and have a nice day, night, or afternoon? Is it afternoon anywhere in the world right now? I’m not quite sure but anyhow, thanks!

[edit: after doing further research I discovered that it is afternoon in Tokyo right now.]



The parts next to the pocket could use darker shading to represent that they are above another layer of cloth. And try making the metal button larger and add some belt loops.


Really amazing and I can see the great improvement on the jeans. I love that you’re documenting your designs and try remaking them to see the changes!

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Could use darker shading but overall it looks great

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