[Clothing Designer Portfolio] KelvinBotham | Clothing Designer for hire [Closed] [Robux and Paypal]

DESPITE THE TITLE SAYING MY COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED, THEY ARE OPEN, this is because I can no longer edit the title since they removed the Collaboration category

Hello! I am KelvinBotham, I am a Clothing Designer. I design different types of clothing, some types I like, some I don’t like. This is my portfolio for clothing commissions and you can find more information about me in this portfolio. I have been designing for approximately 3 years. I have designed for many groups, and I own a formal wear clothing group myself. If you have any question about me, just reply to this topic.

Past Commissions

Black tracksuit with military vest(updated)

Doctor SCP uniform (Showcase) Kimono outfit for a clan  (Showcase) Military uniform 1 (Showcase) Nurse Scrubs  (SCP) (Showcase) (Black) Nurse Scrubs  (SCP) (Showcase) Panda Shirt (Showcase) Panda Turtle neck sweater (Showcase)

My Clothing group clothing

If you wish to see more work from me, you may DM me via Discord (Skip to contact information).

My Timezone is GMT+8, there is no specific time I am available, usually I am more available on holidays and weekends compared to weekdays.

Prices are negotiable.

Mode of Payments available

  • T-shirt (Tax included)
  • Group Funds


Outfits -
Basic - 300-800 :robux: / 1-5 USD
Intermediate - 1k-3k :robux: / 5-20 USD
Complex - 4k-8k :robux: / 20-40 USD

These are a set of rules when working with me.

:roblox_light: Respect
We shall respect each other, avoid disrespecting one another.

:roblox_light: You should have proper details given when contacting me
I do not want to work with someone who is unsure of what they want. Please prepare details and images.

:roblox_light: Payment will be given first before the clothing
This is to avoid scamming, I will of course give a showcase of your order with a watermark before you pay.

:roblox_light: No ditching
Do not confirm an order and make me work for it then just canceling it in the middle of the process. This wastes my time and my work. Please be sure before you confirm your order.

Some other things will still be not allowed to do when working with me. Even if other things aren’t written in here it doesn’t give you the right to do it (e.g. Improper etiquette, scamming, et cetera. )

You may contact me via Discord.

Orders will only be held there, I do not do orders if communication is used somewhere else.

Thank you for reading, if you have comments, feedback, or suggestions please include them in the replies of this topic.


Interested. Contact FireStreamGun#4162

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Henlo, I sent you a friend request on discord.


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I am interested, I sent you a friend request My disc is Khal#6259!

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Interested (my disc is Stamose#7046). Sent you a friend request.


Interested, Contact MM364796#0001

Sent a request though Discord, blxck#8948

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Hello, I’m interested and have DMED you on discord. My discord is Akhil#0971

Hi, I am interested. I sent a friend request, my username and tag is MathewSevereux#8400