Clothing group help

I just started my own clothing group and i would appreciate some feedback on it.
I am just a beginner designer and just started currently making more clothing.
group: vinsaria - Roblox


Your clothes are well made but it’s not extraordinary therefore I doubt that you’ll succeed. Plus there’s layer jackets now, maybe you should start making those


  • Alright so, most of this stuff looks stolen, sorry.
  • Don’t use copyrighted logos, characters, etc. You may get DMCA strike
  • The shoes look like free assets
  • I recommend learning how to HAND MAKE clothing instead of using free assets
  • Also I do not recommend using “free assets” as they could have been stolen and leaked


  • Add roles like, if someone buys THIS amount of clothes they would get a rank
  • Invest into advertising and building a homestore
  • Also maybe decorate your bio more, make it more organized and add more descriptive details; What the group is about, the owner of the group, a positive quote, more rules


These pants are okay
Maybe don’t make the shoes blend into the pants
Nice touch of pink though
Maybe add the bottom of the shoes have details
(Like adding crosshatches)
Instead of both sides of the panths being ripped, maybe only one side
Also make the pants on the waist for more details ; Like a chain hanging from the waist band

Do not make or recreate COPYRIGHTED things! You can face a DMCA :frowning:
Also don’t color with pure black, use pure black for shading, and use a lighter dark dark blue for coloring instead
Also the logo is very pixelated and low quality
Also there’s no shading or highlights, it looks like you bucket tool’d a square and called it a night

Again, do NOT use copyrighted logos or names
This is basic but cool
This shading seems SO familiar…
Add highlights and the shading should be a dark blue to compliment the outfit instead of using grey
Also the shading is SO harsh…

You should minimize the texture of the plaid
ERASE the excess shading
I don’t think the front is symmetrical

Again, you shouldn’t use pure black as a base color because you won’t be able to shade it, and highlighting doesn’t look good either on it…
Also maybe try to add quality to the plaid

I’m not a fan of photo bashing but, if you didn’t the jeans look cool
Maybe try to minimize the texture again or draw it smaller
The shoes seem low quality
Make some of the pants go on the waist and add details

The shoes are low quality
The jeans look copy, pasted > flip horizontal
I do recommend not putting both rips on each side
The shading is barely noticeable as well as the highlights
Also maybe make them on the waist

Make the shading more noticeable
The shoes are low quality
The shoes looked photo bashed and squished
I don’t think that rips on both of the pants are complimenting
Also they don’t go on the waist, which I recommend you to do