Clothing Set Randomizer

Hello. A while back, I made a clothing rack that randomly generated shirts. I have now done the same thing for outfits (2 piece and sleeveless). In addition, you are also able to purchase the clothing in-game. If you wish to try it out, feel free to do so in the game below. Also feel free to leave a comment. thank you for reading.


Cool, might want to have some sort of restriction if somehow an inappropriate shirt gets in SOMEHOW.

Is this just any clothing from the catalog, or is it specific items you chose?

Items are set via table. There are currently 5 sets, and I’m planning to add more in the future.

Oh, cool! I noticed you left the model link in the description, does this mean it’s free to use? Should I credit you if I do?

Actually, that’s a game link for trying it out. I’m not able to put models on sale, but I may do so in the future. I’m also planning to use this for a clothing store.

Oh, ok! No problem.

(post was too short haha)

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