Clothing Support

I am trying to make a Shirt, but I have noticed that in my creation I keep getting these weird/random lines (on neck part) that ruin my designs completely.

Here is two pictures of the issue.

I’ve tried different Bits (32 Bit so forth). I’ve tried removing the “separator” line. I even tried removing the grid then saving and uploading it, still nothing. And yeah, I just don’t know what to do, if anyone has any Idea contact me here or via Discord. (Killslayer152#9416)

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It’s just a glitch on Roblox’s side. Same thing happens to a few of my hoodies and I can’t help it.


It’s because of how the clothes are placed onto the players, so it stretches and in turn makes your neckline, straps, etc unaligned and messy. This most likely can’t be fixed and would need to be looked at from a Roblox side and not from the designer themselves.


Thanks for the help! I hope it gets fixed soon. :neutral_face: :+1:

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Maybe try reuploading them? It may help, I don’t now though as I’ve never posted clothes to Roblox, sorry I don’t have a ton of help.