Clothing Upload Fee


The upload fee for clothing has now been implemented, and I was wondering how I can preview my outfits before uploading them? This was a promised feature ROBLOX announced alongside this change, however I haven’t found any way to do so yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Upload them to roblox as decals and in studio apply the IDs to pants and shirts. That’s how I do it.


Go to Roblox Studios load into any game/terrain, press Workspace in Explorer then find your name and press the arrow key beside your name, make sure to copy the ID of the shirt/pant you wanna preview, now if you want to preview the shirt copy the shirt ID go to the shirt bar properties and select all in ShirtTemplate paste the ID and enter, same to the pants. You can also do this using Build Rig where you will have to add the shirt and pant yourself. (Make sure you paste the shirt ID in ShirtTemplate and pant ID in PantTemplate.)

I don’t know if that is what you mean/want, but yes you can do this to preview the outfits you have.

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Upload the shirt / pants as a decal. This is comepletely free to do. Once you have done that, open studio and then open any place / template you want. A baseplate should be good. Once loaded, click PLUGINS at the top and then click Rig Builder. Insert any R15 or R6 rig you want. This should insert a gray roblox character. Find the dummy in the explorer on the right and click the plus next to it. Insert a shirt or pants object. Finally, open up the toolbox and go to My Models. Change the drop down to My decals. Right click the shirt or pants decal you uploaded and click “Copy Asset ID”. Paste that ID into the Shirt or Pants and boom, you can preview it.

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