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:coffee: About Us

Cloud Cafe continues to serve as one of Roblox’s roleplay groups. We offer a welcoming community, a game, and tons of staffing opportunities. We connect players each day who interact through our game.

Public Information

Game Rules

:warning: Maintaining a safe and friendly environment keeps our community safe. Our staff team monitors the game regularly to strictly enforce these rules.

:one: Be respectful
We do not tolerate trolling or being rude to anyone. Players receive 3 warnings before being kicked.

:two: No exploiting
Do not disrupt the gameplay of others or cheat the game. Exploiting results in a permanent ban.

:three: Do not advertise
Advertising in any way is prohibited.

:four: Be appropriate
We do not allow the sharing of inappropriate content. This will result in a ban.

:five: Don’t Spam
Spamming will give you a warning and then a kick. It can get very annoying.

How to Get a Job

To get a job at Cloud Cafe here is what you will have to do:

:one: Application

Visit the Application Center to take a short quiz. Once you pass, you will be automatically ranked to the rank of Trainee.
:link: Application Center

:two: Trainings

Trainees cannot work at the cafe. To continue ranking up, attend a training session during one of the scheduled times in the Trello Board.
:link: Training Center
:link: Trello Board

Move up a rank by passing a training session. Junior Cashiers, Cashiers, Senior Cashiers, and Head Cashiers can give orders, clean, and help customers.

Ban Appels

:no_entry_sign: If you’re banned from the game, visit the resources form in the tab below. You can’t appeal if you aren’t in our communication server.

:link: Ban Appel

Important Links

If your looking for our communications server, look at the groups social links!
:link: Youtube
:link: Group

Staff Information

Staff Rules

:exclamation: Failure to comply with the rules below will result in punishment.

:one: Promotions
Do not ask for a promotion, this is called hinting.

:two: Authority
Respect the authority of the hirer ranks.

:three: Disrespect
Do not act disrespectfully towards customers or staff members.

:four: Professionalism
Maintain professional behavior and act appropriately.

Staff Duties

As a member of staff team, you must know your duties. Each rank level is assigned to different responsibilities.

:page_facing_up: LR

:exclamation: Players are responsible for…

  • Working at the registers to distribute items
  • Cleaning
  • Inform people about things
  • Preventing trollers

:eyes: MR

:exclamation: Players are responsible for…

  • Warning and kicking trollers
  • Supervising the Cafe
  • Assisting the LRs
  • Running training sessions

:shield: HR

:exclamation: Players are responsible for…

  • Ban any trollers that have been kicked before
  • Running shifts
  • Running training sessions
  • Represent for us to allies.

:computer: SHR

:exclamation: Players are responsible for…

  • Hosting events
  • Managing the teams
  • Ranking during training sessions
  • Overseeing training sessions
Becoming Management

Once you become a Head Cashier, you’re eligible to be promoted to Staff Assistant. This means you will be a part of the Management team or MR. Head Cashiers looking to become a Staff Assistant must first meet the requirements.

:memo: Requirements

Must be a Head Cashier
Must be active weekly on a consistent basis
Must have an appropriate usage of grammar while working at the cafe.
Required to have a general knowledge about our standards & policies, as well as being able to utilize common sense.
If you have Discord please join ours, if you don’t that is fine too but you will not go pass an HR.

:point_right: Upon meeting the requirements, you have a chance at being promoted through the certification process. In the certification process, members of the Staff Management Team will randomly promote Head Cashiers who are qualified to become a Staff Assistant.
To find more about this look at the link below:
:link: Middle Rank Hiring Process

Training Ranks

:date: At training, members of MR+, you can take different roles to help run the LR session. We’ve listed the roles that each rank can claim.


:pushpin: Staff Assistant Assistant, Trainer
:pushpin: Supervisor: Assistant, Trainer
:pushpin: Assistant Manager: Assistant, Trainer
:pushpin: Manager: Assistant, Trainer
:pushpin: General Manager: Assistant, Trainer, Co-Host

HR can do everything except being a supervisor/ranker.
SSHR & SHR can do everything

:books: Hosts and Trainers must use the training guide. It’s a Google Document located on our communications server. Do not claim either of these roles if you do not have access to the training guide.

Staff Links

:link: Shifts
:link: Emergency Situations
:link: Admin Usage
:link: Code of Conduct

:thinking: Questions?

Use our communications server to get in touch with us. Speak to a member of the SHR or SSHR if you aren’t on the communications server. Thank you!


Ownership Team

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