Cloud edit duplicating glitch

If you’re in a regular studio session and you publish it to a server that has cloud edit enabled, you’ll enter the server, then if somebody joins it from that point, it seems that the first children of any game service like Workspace, Lighting ect., gets duplicated. I can see this being an issue if you had a building place because you could potentially double the amount of parts without knowing which ones to delete. You’d need to revert it and publish it to the place without entering cloud edit most likely to counter it.


Just to clarify, these are the steps:

Open a Team Create place
Publish a new place on top of it while it’s running
Have someone else join, now there are duplicates

Is this correct?

It doesn’t need to be open initially, as long it’s a group place, and you publish it to that group place, if you let it go to team create after publishing, and then somebody joins, it will duplicate.

I’ve had this issue happen before, but it wasn’t for a group place. I was just working on a file and then decided to let a few friends join through Team Create. An hour or so later I uploaded it by creating a new place on my profile and then this same thing happened. When I entered the game it felt like the game’s data got uploaded to the place, twice, as all geometry was Z-fighting (so double parts) and scripts were broken.

I’m not seeing any replication with these steps:

Make a new place
Insert some models from the toolbox
File->Publish as…
Publish over an existing group games team create place
Let the place go to team create
Someone else joins

Am I missing something?