Cloud Edit loss of data

Very vague details for how it happened, because we don’t know much about how Cloud Edit works right now.

Shaylan and I have been working on this place which runs on Cloud Edit for the first time yesterday. We worked on it from 3pm to around 5am, mostly running fine except for shay running into some fatal studio crashes with CSG while I was still fine in the studio.

However, this afternoon when we returned to the place, we noticed that all our work from 6pm and onwards did not save at all.

Essentially autosave stopped working at around 10pm based on our version history.

We returned to studio to see that our data lost at around 3pm today, which is confirmed by the version history time.

Are there any details about why this happened or what we can do to prevent it?
Shaylan lost quite some amount of work in those hours after 11pm.

EDIT (3/22/2016):
Shaylan007 once again lost all of his entire’s day of work on our second attempt. Only this time, he was actually in the processing of trying to save it to his computer to be safe and the entire cloud studio crashed on him. So IN THE PROCESS of saving for prevention he lost EVERYTHING again. (Note: I was not in the cloud edit studio with this second time)

Again we were working around 3pm to 3am and shay just lost all of work building a SCAR for the second time again using cloud edit and is really pissed. We were also streaming this on twitch this entire time on a call.

This edit may be more of a one-sided rant of frustration providing very little information about how to locate the issue. But there is consistently a problem with cloud edit during these hours and it should be looked into immediately. That is our only observation and clue beyond what we have already provided in the original post. Regardless, there needs to be significant attention to set up redundant backup saving for cloud edit versions.

DOUBLE EDIT (3/22/2016)
Turns out we figured out where the “autosaves” went for the localized versions. We did not realize it was simply named “Place_Autosave_XX” and went looking for a name specific to the title of the place. Our personal issue, we found out too late as shay went to remake the entire model for a third time before making the discovery.

Check your autosave folder, it probably has some save in there.

The autosave for cloud edit is what you’re referring to right? Not the local autosave?

Ordered by “Date modified”, none of these place files are shay’s “place number: 119”.

Notice that even for my other place, “WIP_XBOX”, which was also open and being worked on during the whole time at 10pm-5am, autosaves were missing for this period as well.

Here are the RecentSaves file if that gives any extra information, though it doesn’t seem immediately relevant to the autosaves. It shows that we were in fact still online through 3 am as you can see some of the files were saved during that time.

Yea, this happened to me once but luckily I’ve been saving to a file on my computer every now and then in case of data loss.

I want them to add a manual publish to place button so we can have piece of mind that our place was updated

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We’re looking into this, and should have a fix for this going out this week. If you still notice this issue after Thursday, please let me know!