Cloud Generator V2

In the last few weeks or so, I have been working on improving my random cloud generator, taking all the feedback I received from my last post and implementing as much as possible. I want to perfect it as much as possible (and then maybe if people like it make it open sourced, who knows?) so feel free to try it out, let me know what I can improve on :slight_smile:

The generator in action:

You can try it here:


Credit to: @Ryneso for making the post in the devforum showing how to make particle-based clouds, and @mujtaba0880 for making the original post displaying particle based clouds (as far as I can see)


I think it looks really cool, and I think you really nailed it if you were going for realistic clouds. But, I think if you made it so that there could be some massive clouds, it would look a bit better, but overall I think this is very good, great job :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Thanks! I will work on adding that:)

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:drooling_face: Lookin good

30 chaaaaaaaaaars

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Jesus, can you make that a plug-in man. It will be very useful !!

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After bigger clouds, you could probably keep evolving this until you have a quasi-weather system. Some dark storm clouds occasionally, rain and lightning/thunder. The only limit I think would end up being Robloxs unfortunately low 1000 stud particle render distance. Cool project!

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Thanks! I really like that idea… Looks like I’ve got some work ahead of me… :wink:

Thanks! I will work on making it a plugin… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, man <3. I’ll use it in a lot of my showcase game for loads of detail.

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This is one of the best Cloud Generators I have seen. I just think that it should have a 15.5% chance to spawn a massive cloud. If you would add that. This would be PERFECT. I also think you should turn this into a plugin. If you would do that. This would blow up. And you would gain some attention! Anyways good luck on your development projects! :grin:

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Thanks!:slight_smile: 30charrs

Prototype interface :slight_smile: PluginPict (2)