Clouds not appearing

No matter how hard I try to enable clouds in a test place they just wont appear. I have tried searching in the Beta Features, and nothing appears. I have no idea what I am doing wrong!

I have tampered with all the settings I can find and still they dont appear!


It needs to be placed under the Terrain object. :smile:


Thank you so much! I knew I was doing something stupidly wrong the whole time!

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Hello, I need your help. I have my clouds under terrain. However, they do not appear ingame! This is very frustrating. If you know how to help, do tell.


In studio:

I have the solution to your problem here is what your supposed to do

Put the Clouds in lighting if this doesn’t work I do not know what else works

I already attempted to do this but NOTHING works… this is highly frustrating

Try using a different sky it could work it might be your sky

I used a few different skyboxes, removed atmosphere and re-added it, etc.

Sorry for the delay, can you screenshot your cloud’s properties?

In studio it shows the clouds in the terrain, in-game the clouds feature is completely disappeared. This issue only happens to me in a singular place, so I assume said place is corrupted or something.