Clouds only show in studio, not in game

Hello everybody, an issue I am coming across with my game is that Roblox clouds do not show up in game but they show up while I am in studio. The clouds are enabled and in terrain and not in lighting, and the cloud settings are; Cover: 0.8, Density: 0.141.

In studio:

In game:

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Did you published the latest game update to Roblox?

Well the second screenshot is from test mode in studio, so it’s not because I didn’t publish updates.

Make sure that both editor graphics and game test graphics are the same.

While you’re testing, check in the explorer if clouds are still in the explorer.


make sure your using just one sky texture and it is enabled

He’s using dynamic clouds, not cloud textures

Verify that you have inserted and you are able to see the feature in the Terrain class. Next, make sure that you have selected “Publish to Roblox” as it will modify the experience to the latest version. If you press “Publish to Roblox As”, it will only save the version and will be displayed only on Roblox Studio.

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It might have been that you only saved the game and not actually published your changes. You should press the button “Publish To” and it might solve your problem.

I think you should just use textures since it requires less performance and it almost always works.

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The person is using the dynamic clouds feature. Using textures provided in the skybox would be an alternative, but it would not help if you want to have a realistic lighting.

The topic where the user asks how come the dynamic clouds are not showing overall once inserting at the Lighting class. This one is another situation where the developer was able to insert and see normally at Roblox Studio, but not in Roblox Game-Client.

Next time, try analyzing calmly the information of the following topics and not assume primary by the titles. :smiley: :+1:

Can you show properties of the clouds? Also make sure to look in all scripts for anything that could change those

Hmm, yeah so I checked the explorer while testing and the clouds are no longer in the explorer in terrain.

clouds are in Terrain, based on this check if it is there, there can be scripts that remove objects from Terrain

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