Cloudy$ Public Guidebook [OLD]

  • Introduction
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Dress Code
  • Cloudy$ Sessions
  • Cloudy$ Games
  • Rank Descriptions & Limits

Cloudy$ is a green nature-based cafe. We serve many unique food and drink items as well as our wonderful service. We strive for perfection to our customers, to make them enjoy each and every visit.

Our Rules & Regulations make Cloudy$ a friendly and safe environment. You’re to follow these rules in Cloudy$. Violation of the rules & regulations will result in major consequences.

  1. You must respect our staff, even if they are a lower/higher rank or even your peers.

  2. Don’t bypass, Cloudy$ doesn’t tolerate bypassing and trolling. You’ll be given a warning, following a possible ban or kick.

  3. Cloudy$ is a commutative environment. You must help each other if you can, to make us together as a family.

  4. If you’re a staff member here, you must wear our uniform in our games, if you wear trolling outfits in our games, you’ll be asked to take it off, refusing to will lead to a demotion. Especially if you’re a Medium Rank+.

  5. Do not advertise at Cloudy$, if you do in our Social Media or in our ROBLOX server, you’ll be discussed with a major consequence.

  6. Don’t say mean words in our Communications Server or in our group. If you do, you’ll be muted or won’t have access to chat.

  7. Exploiting is strictly not allowed. If someone sees you exploiting and tells an MR+ with proof, you’ll have a possibility of being banned from our games or even permanently. I recommend not doing so.

  8. Cheating in our activities or telling your peers the answers will get you removed in our activities and will invalid.

Those are all the rules for now. Please keep in mind these rules, when you see someone violations them, please contact a Medium Rank+ with proof, username, and the violation.

Dress Code is strict in Cloudy$. If you are a Low Rank+, like a Trainee and the higher ranks, you must wear appropiate wear, we have uniforms for our Low Ranks when you join our Cafe, you must wear them, refusing will lead to a demotion.

Our Medium Ranks+ must wear the 1.0 blocky package due to showing professionalism.
Refusing will lead to a warning, then demotion. They must wear their uniforms in our Cloudy$ Games.

Interview sessions are for interviewing the rank “Customer” for having a chance to pass to become a new staff member which is the rank “Trainee”. Our Medium Rank+ may assist in these sessions and either interview, co-host, or host.

Training sessions are for training the ranks Trainee, Junior Barista, and Senior Barista.
They can attend training sessions for a higher rank, their limit to not enter is Senior Barista, they have to then work at the cafe and show dedication, actvity, and hardwork to show if they can be part of the Medium Ranks, which hold more power and responsibility.

Cafe - Our Cafe keeps Cloudy$ running and active. Customers can visit the cafe and get a nice tropical or hot drink from our kind staff.

Interview Center - Where Customers can come for employment within our company.

Application Center - Customers don’t have the time to get on the times for the interview sessions, they can come here. Our High Ranks+ can see their applications and rank them to Trainee if they have good responses.

Training Center - Where our Low Ranks, but not Senior Barista can come here and get promoted until they reach the limit rank Senior Barista.

Non Ranks

[Unlimted] Customer - Comes to our cafe for food items or drinks or for employment in our sessions.

[Unlimited] Noted Customer - Allied member or contributed with Cloudy$.

Low Ranks

[Unlimited] Trainee - New staff member.

[Unlimited] Junior Barista - Good staff member

[Unlimited] Barista - Awesome staff member.

[Unlimited] Senior Barista - Mastery staff member.

Middle Ranks

[10] Staff Assistant - Assists in the cafe and assists training/interview sessions.

[10] Supervisor - Assists in the cafe, assist, and co-hosts training/interview sessions.

[10] Management Team - Supervise the cafe, assist, co-host, and host training/interview sessions.

High Ranks (Has same things with Management Team, but advanced)

[3] Junior Executive - Manages barista staff.

[2] Executive - Experienced with managing daily operations for the cafe and sessions.

[2] Chief Public Relations Officer - Head of allies.

[3] Chief Human Resources Officer - Head of Human Resources and recruitment.

Super High Ranks

[3] Developer - Builders/Scripters of the games.

[2] Vice President - Tasked with assisting managing operations.

[1] President - Tasked with managing operations.

[3] Vice Chairwoman - Host events, activities, etc. With permission of the Chairwoman or
Executive Chairwoman. In charge of daily operations

[2] Chairwoman - In charge of all the departments, operations, and management and assisting the Executive Chairwoman.

[1] Executive Chairwoman - In charge of all the departments, operations, and management.

– Guidebook made by mvliq