Club Aegis - Rules

Club Aegis


Last Updated: April 21st, 2022


Hello, welcome to Club Aegis!

Club Aegis is one of the newer clubs in the Roblox club scene. We are a futuristic club with a lot to offer. You can DJ controlling lights and club effects, use amazing items, speaking with friends, partying, sword fighting, and more. We aim to bring happiness and long lasting memories with the atmosphere of the club and community!


This section will go over the rules of Club Aegis. You are expected to uphold and follow all club rules.

  1. Follow the Roblox Terms of Service and Roblox Community Guidelines . These are enforced by our moderators at the highest level and no exceptions will be made.
  2. Don’t perform any glitches or bugs. Doing so will get you banned from the game.
  3. No exploiting under any circumstances. This will subject you to a perm ban.
  4. No harassing or singling out somebody for their conduct or beliefs in an extreme way.
  5. Bypassed words into the filter or username, like strong language, sexual content, slurs, or offensive topics.
  6. ERP or E-Dating is not allowed.
  7. Do not impersonate staff members. You will be subject to a ban/warning.
  8. Admin abuse done by a VIP. This includes but isn’t limited to; using speed while in the arena, using teleport command while in the arena or using commands to ruin another users experience.
  9. Do not use ALT accounts to farm points for leaderboard ranks.

Refunds & Purchases

The Development Team respects the players of Club Aegis and does it’s best to put out sales as much as it can for popular gamepasses. With this in mind, keep in mind the following when purchasing a gamepass or product from our stores:

  1. Refunds are not available for any product you purchase from Club Aegis. Refunds need to go through Roblox as we do not have the ability to refund players.
  2. Gamepasses are a privilege, not a right. This means that any rule breaking can result in a ban, temp-ban, etc. We will not refund your purchase(s) if you break a rule on Club Aegis and receive a punishment for it.
  3. If a product or gamepass does not work, join our official server to file a bug report with the necessary information. Our Development Team is dedicated to providing fixes for any issues you encounter with the products you spend money on.
  4. Aegis Command gamepass owners are subject to rules on top of the above. Suspension or revocation of their Aegis Command gamepass status is entirely possible and are treated differently than normal players. For more information, join our official server.

Moderation & Staff

Staff members will be disguised as regular players for the majority of the time. If you come across a staff member, avoid notifying others to their presence as it helps them complete their job.

If you are punished by a staff member, a message will display on screen showing that you have been warned or are frozen. The staff member will be visible as having a Mod/Admin Icon above their name, and a [MOD]/[ADMIN] tag on their chat text.
If a player states they are a staff member and doesn’t have their Mod/Admin icon shown and the chat tag, they are lying. Do not listen to them.

To become a staff member, you may join our official communications server and apply when applications come out monthly.

Always remember that a Moderator’s authority is final and any punishment issued by them should not be argued with. (As a side note, bans are appealable in our official server.)

Final Words

From all of us at Club Aegis, we wish you a pleasant gameplay experience. Remember to respect other players, moderators/staff, and most importantly, have fun!

Chairman: @Oppressed_II
Vice Chairman: @Toad_II
Development Director: @Narcissus_II
Media Director: @FeIyx
Staff Director: @Synckishi