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The Dark Warriors

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‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Contributions
[3.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

The purpose of this thread is to pay homage to those who have contributed to the overall success of Club Cyteria. From the builds, the graphics, the scripting and so on, we shall cover everyone’s contributions here accordingly and accurate.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Contributions]:black_small_square:

This covers who did what in contribution to Club Cyteria. Mapping refers to the overall layout of the Club and how it’s built. Building and Funding are self-explanatory. Designing refers to how the game will look aesthetically. Animation Conversion refers to converting animations in Blender to R15. Managing refers to whoever is spear-heading the project. Scripting is self-explanatory. GUI Design refers to how the GUI’s are made. Thumbnail and Icon is self-explanatory. And that’s what I could think of off the top of my head.

  1. TheCelvestian - Mapping, Building, Funding, Designing, Animation Conversion, and Managing.

  2. TheLonesomeBrother - Mapping, Building, and Designing.

  3. InfinityDesign - Scripting and Designing.

  4. [X] - GUI Design.

  5. 9RR/Abyss - Thumbnail and Icon.

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

This list is subject to change at any given moment should anyone participate in the continuing success of the Club. We are open to suggestions, animations, builds and so on. Again, this thread is merely a homage to those who have contributed to the Clubs completion. Thank you for reading! Now go dance your troubles away!

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


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