Club Evolution. | A ROBLOX showcase

Immortxl here,
I made another showcase game but I MIGHT make it an actual club game.

NOTE - This was made under 50 minutes, I couldn’t add furniture.

I tried to recreate the aesthetic map in the YouTube 360* VR video called
“Show it 2 me”.

Commissions = Open

Thank you for checking in.


The blur is very strong. Can you turn it down so we can see the build better? :slight_smile:


In my opinion, I don’t really like seeing showcases with the FieldOfView thing on. It’s just generally annoying and sometimes a pain to see.

But in other words, your club is really well made. It kinda reminds me of those synthwave roadscapes in those “vibe” videos lol

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Thats exactly what I went for, and btw i added the depth of field to blur it out as I said I might make it an actual game later, so its kinda like sneak peeks

Just a reminder, oders Will frequent your game and your game is likely to be hated lol


Woah this looks very nice. Maybe add less blur and more detail keep up the great work.

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dont worry, i plan on getting over 50 moderators to moderate 12/7

Club Evolution - Roblox you can visit the game here (this is temporary, i will remove this link in 2 days.)