Club Faded [Updated Log : 4/23/20]


Club Expansion
We have expanded the club interior, which provides new things like a new stage, sword fighting, chairs, and more!

Sword Fighting
We have added a new section in Club Faded which is there for those who want something to do, which is sword fighting. 1v1 your friends, and try and live!

We have added a new shop into our game where you can purchase a speed coil.
+Along with this, we’ve added a VIP door, and a Stage Access door which will prompt you
to purchase the gamepass in order to access those areas.

We have much more to add, and they will come in the future updates. You can suggest things you’d
like to see in the club, as well report any bugs you’ve spotted in our communications server, which can be found in the game description, or the group description.