Club Insomnia: Invisible Walls

Hey developers, I’ve been working on my game called “Club Insomnia” and I was wondering how I can fix this one issue where someone can talk and there’s an invisible wall and the transparency of it is 0.8, when people chat outside they can’t see their chat because the wall that’s transparent blocks it. Are there any fixes you may share with me? Thanks!

Please take a look at this example of what I mean by “you can’t see any chats”:

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This is likely because you’re using Glass.


That would be an amazing fix, but I’m using plastic :frowning_face:

Are you using SurfaceGuis? They have similar effect as well.

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If you are just using the Transparent Parts to block access to areas can you make it Transparency 1 and put a BlockMesh part in the floor with the Transparency of .8, but Scale and Offset it so it appears to be where the other Part is?
I’m not sure if it helps with seeing chats, but I’ve used this technique to make it so you can move your camera through windows without it being blocked by the semi-transparent window.

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Nope, I’m not. (30 characters)

It worked! Thank you! Appreciate much! :slight_smile:

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