Clubs: Blinders

Heya again devforum!
I’ve been developing a game called “Club Viminal” for a while now, and I’ve been trying to develop a system of effective light blinders that can be turned on and off. A blinder is something that in raves normally is used as an effect to blind the audience from seeing anything but silhouettes up front. I know how to do the turn on and off thing, but I’m working out the best method of implementing blinders. If you’re experienced in this, can someone help?

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Assuming you’re talking about this kind of thing

I think your best bet might just be to turn all of the parts black. The lighting system isn’t quite advanced enough to handle that kind of lighting, so you’ll have to go about faking the silhouettes. Find a way to categorize all parts that you want to change, and then cycle through them with a for loop, turning them black (be sure to save the original color to revert to later). When the blinders turn off, do the same thing in reverse, setting the bricks to their original color.

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Yeah, I’ve considered this before. It’s just that the areas I would want to turn black are really complex. They consist of probably 1-2k parts that are unorganized and I don’t think it would look that good. Club Galaxy is a good example of what I would like to do. I don’t know how it works exactly, but if you’re looking at a specific area (part in this case) it will cover your screen in a white GUI or something for a hot second. Do you know anything about that?

Create a ScreenGui with a Frame inside that has its size set to {1,0,1.2,0}, position set to {0,0,-0.1,0} and color set to 255,255,255. I always include the .2 and -.1 because else it wont cover the entire screen (behind the topbar) on mobile devices.

Then, when you need a flash to happen you simply fade the transparency of the frame from 1 to 0 and back to 1 real quick.


Perhaps you could group all the parts which need to be sillhouetted, then loop through them and change their part color to black. Then all you would have to do is sillhouette the characters, which shouldn’t be extremely difficult.