(CN) China Army | Picket Force Handbook- 纠察队手册

Picket Force Handbook | 纠察队手册

Introduction to Picket Team | 纠察队简介

The main duties of the picket are | 纠察队的主要职责有:

  • Military appearance | 军容军貌
    The Military appearance of the picket officers and soldiers includes their behavior and uniforms.
    纠察官兵军容军貌包括, 官兵行为举止, 制服穿着

  • Safeguard the base | 保护基地安全
    Protecting the safety of the base refers to patrolling the base to ensure the safety management of the base personnel.
    保护基地安全是指, 对基地进行巡逻站岗, 保证基地人员安全管理

  • Management and supervision vehicle | 管理监督载具
    Management and supervision vehicles refers to guarding and managing the spawn points of vehicles to ensure that they are not lost or abused.
    监督载具是指, 对载具生成点进行看守与管理, 保证不丢失不被滥用.

Uniform | 制服

Clothing list | 服装一览

  • Picket White Helmet | 纠察白盔
  • Belt | 腰带
  • Summer uniform | 夏季制服
    (Distribution by Rank | 按等级分配)

Rules | 规则

  • If you are missing any of the content listed above. You will be removed from the picket (up to 1 warning)
Vehicle Driving Regulations

Rules | 规则

  • Driving a vehicle requires approval | 驾驶车辆需要审批

  • Right-driving vehicle | 靠右行驶车辆

  • Vehicle speed limit 20 | 车辆限速20

  • If the vehicle is used by a non-declaring person, it will be punished (keep your own vehicle) | 如果车辆被非申报人员使用将给予处分 (保管好自己的车辆)

  • It is not allowed to reset the vehicle while others are driving | 不允许在别人驾驶时重置车辆

Declaration Format | 申报格式

Time | 时间:
Driver | 驾驶人员:
Passengers | 乘坐人员:
Reason | 理由:
Will you leave the base? Y/N | 是否需要出基地:是/否