CNTXT - Edit and Visualize your ContextActions (Plugin)

Happy to present to you today my most recent Plugin - CNTXT that allows game developers to quickly Edit and Visualize their in-game ContextActions

What does this plugin bring to the table?

  • Screen Visualizer UI to Position your Mobile Action Buttons
  • Allows you to quickly edit action Title, Description, Image and Position
  • Simple to use and understand UI

Why use CNTXT?

  • If you want to improve your Studio experience and productivity this Plugin is a must, no more poking around with overlapping buttons on GUIs, no more script hopping, quick and easy, enter action name and edit right away

  • Mobile Support implementation will be much easier with CNTXT, allowing for a better mobile experience and for a larger audience

Plugin Info

  • The “Action Name” text box corresponds to the action name you set when you Bind the action with ContextActionService:BindAction(), i suggest you take a look at this DevHub page for more information
  • The “RESET” button allows you to reset the plugin completely
  • The “Clear” button allows you to clear the UI screen
  • The “Positions” button allows you to restore all the Action Buttons you previously positioned
  • Clicking on a Action in the action Tab will allow you to position your Action Button on the UI screen with the mouse

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.23.16

Thanks for reading

  • The plugin is free for now, feel free to check it out and give me some feedback, have a great day

Plugin Link: