Coach - solve coding problems

Inspired by leetcode LOL!

Full version vs Lite version

This plugin has 2 version published into the marketplace

I always make a prototype before working on the actual project and this time I decided to make the prototype free to access and call it the Lite version, and the actual plugin is called the Full version.

Here’s the difference between the two:

Full Lite
Auto update for coding-problems section
Receives updates in the future
has Light and Dark theme
Theme is linked to Studio's theme settings

I’ve put an unhealthy amount of time into the full version which is why I decided to make it paid access, sorry if this has let you down.

The full version downloads coding problems from here

Showcase of the Full version

Showcase of the Lite version

Download links

:dizzy: Full version [Paid]

:star: Lite version [Free]

Known issues

  1. When plugin closes the script that’s open, studio will freeze for a tiny amount of time, some of the testers also said that it causes studio to crash sometimes(rarely).
    if anyone has a fix for this please let me know! :slight_smile:

  2. I try my best to make the coding problems work as expected, but sometimes they could give errors and just not work right since I write every single one from scratch.

  3. The code that downloads the coding problems might become very slow (or just freeze) if I add more content, I will try to fix that very soon.
    This has been fixed, the plugin now downloads each coding problem separately.

Let me know if there are any bugs

if the whole plugin breaks, I will rewrite the entire plugin in a single day without hesitation!

Resources used in this plugin

Fusion 0.2 which is a state management and animation library and PluginEssentials which has premade UI Elements that look identical to Roblox Studio’s UI

My other plugins

Don’t worry most of them are free :smiley:


Seems interesting, will test it out later. Looks great though! :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of WHYI_MFAT

well what can I say, he’s one of my idols :upside_down_face:


Added a new type of coding problem that starts with a prewritten module script which doesnt work so you have to fix

The old version of the plugin will not load the prewritten script but you should still be able to solve it.


Edit: this version had a few issues which makes sense because I made it at 3AM, all those issues have been fixed so update the plugin people!

Woah, bro cmon now thats rude.

I am not being rude, When I looked at the example, I was thinking “Hmmm, It reminds me of someone named WHY I’M FAT”, but you know, VSC being VSC, He mentioned that it reminds him of WHYI_MFAT’s AutoDebug plugin