Coast Side BBQ Rules!

Hello, In this post we will go over the rules inside the restaurant and all of our other games. These rules will be extremely important and failing to follow these could result in a permanent ban from our games. ALL members no matter the circumstance must follow these rules.

Customer Rules
As a customer your job is to hang out in the restaurant and have fun. This can include: Ordering food from the counter, Chilling out with friends or Engaging in our functional roleplay system.

  • All customers should not troll, Failing to follow this rule will result in a verbal warning from staff. If this is happening in your server try to contact a supervisor+ to remove the troller from the game.

  • Glitching or anything to put you into areas where you aren’t supposed to go will result in a kick from the game. If you see something like this happening in game, report it to a Supervisor or higher!

  • We have very strict rules on exploiting, if you are caught exploiting you will be banned Permanently. However it can be appealed on our communications server (13+)

  • You should always follow the ROBLOX ToS. Failing to follow this rule could result in ROBLOX account violations (Warn, Ban, Termination)

  • If you need to get in contact with staff you can find them in our games or in our Communications server (13+) Do NOT contact any staff with the prefix ‘- |’ For example ‘- | Chairman’ we are very busy people and we need the space to work.

Staff Rules
As staff of any ranks you are required to work behind the counter unless granted permission to go off duty. You can be granted this by a Restaurant Overseer or higher! When working for us you must follow these special staff rules as well as the customer rules as well.

  • As staff you will maintain the best possible grammar. You will receive 3 grammar corrections before you are demoted.

  • By joining as staff you will be as calm and helpful to the customer as you can, make yourself approachable.

  • Listen to people higher up than you. They could have some really great tips to help you further on in the journey to our high ranks!

  • As always you are still required to follow ROBLOX ToS. Failing to do so can result in Account Violations (Warn, Ban, Termination)

Rules signed by,
@DeceptionFury (Owner)

For those who need it the ROBLOX ToS is found here: