Coastal Cove Eateries Version Two Plan


Unlike the previous post about CCE’s update plans, this post covers the new decisions made about development of V2 along with plans for trainings, staff, and a official timeline for when you can expect this to be released. We have decided to not go with the city map roleplay system originally planned for V2, but with a unique game system that will be explained in this post. The post is broken up into six categories, feel free to read as much or as little of this as you want to.

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  • CCE V2 will use the same building from CCE V1. We made this decision since V1 has not been used much yet but is still very modern.
  • What should you expect from CCE V2 then?
  • The restaurant in CCE V2 will have a modified interior. We plan on re-doing the kitchen and VIP lounge area along with several VIP dining areas including the outdoor patio. We may make several other minor detail upgrades to the ceiling and walls.

What should I expect from CCE V2 for the restaurant?

The same restaurant from V1 but heavily modified with new designs and technology.

  • CCE plans several technology upgrades in V2.
  • Updates include a complete re-do of the UI, a complete ordering system with roleplay payment, a table food placement system, an updated music system, and a cooking system.

What should I expect from CCE V2 for technology?

A modern, heavily updated system that allows for more interaction with the game for both customers and staff.

Game System
  • CCE V2’s game system will automatically run short games and contests that customers can opt to play.
  • The idea came from small games of hide and seek currently ran at some shifts.
  • The idea would be to make CCE more than a restaurant, but a hangout for our customers. With this they will be able to play a variety of short, fun games to earn Coastal Dollars.
  • This system will replace the current Coastal Dollar system where customers earn them per minute spent in-game.
  • Exact games have not been determined, but we expect to have anywhere from 10 to 20 mini-game options available at launch to potentially more being added later.
  • The game maps would load into a low poly “arena” map area.

What should I expect from CCE V2 for the game system?

A new and fun reason to play CCE 24 hours a day! :smiley: :thinking:

  • Trainings will be optional for all CCE staff to attend.
  • Like it is currently, you will not need to attend a training (as of now) to begin working at CCE V2.
  • However, if you want more practice or just want to rank up faster, you can attend CCE Trainings scheduled throughout the day to earn Worker Points that would count toward a promotion.
  • They will be awarded based on your performance during the training.

What should I expect from CCE V2 for trainings?

A system that allows workers to practice and earn extra WP that count toward a promotion.

  • The WP’s needed for a promotion to the next rank will be lowered for all ranks.
  • CCE staff may receive perks, such as Coastal Dollars per time worked to count toward in-game use (not final).
  • There will be a new optional role, Chef, who’s primary role would be to cook the meals.
  • However, any staff member can choose to be both, or only a waiter / chef.

What should I expect from CCE V2 as a staff member?

More flexibility and perks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • We anticipate CCE’s RESTAURANT updates to be completed as of now sometime around mid May - June.
  • We anticipate CCE’s TECHNOLOGY updates to be completed sometime around mid June - July.
  • We anticipate CCE’s GAME SYSTEM updates to be completed sometime around mid May - June.

When should I expect CCE V2 to be completed?

You can expect a full release of V2 sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2021.


You might be wondering, what happens between now and the release of CCE V2?

Nothing much, CCE will continue to operate as we have been since the last major updates in August of 2020. We will continue to host recruitment shifts and game nights with occasional shifts.

You might wonder, why so few shifts?

The reason for this is due to the low demand with no active advertisement campaigns.

Why are advertisements not being run at this time?

We are holding off on advertisements right now and waiting for the completion of CCE V2 before we resume any advertisement campaigns. Until then CCE will continue to host weekly recruitment shifts, game nights, and shifts. We thank you all for sticking with Coastal Cove Eateries throughout the past year, we can’t wait to release V2!

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