Coastal Creamery Public Handbook

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Welcome to Coastal Creamery’s Public Handbook! This document provides you with Helpful Information about Coastal Creamery.

:books: Important Information

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Game Guidelines

1. Be Respectful to Everyone

No one should be disrespectful toward anyone, no one wants to see a rude message.

2. Spamming

Don’t spam the Chat with nasty messages, we’re all here to enjoy the same thing.

3. Trolling

Trolling can disrespect our Staff and Guest and may spam the chat.

4. Advertisement

Coral Coast Hotels should be a chill place, don’t go in asking for Developers, Staff, or Group Members,

5. Roblox Community Standards

Follow the Basic Guidelines set by Roblox. View more here.


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Promotion Guide

1. Restocking & Serving

Restock the machines, and serve customers with drinks.

2. Take NPC Orders

Although serving NPCs are fun, they also help you make drinks. Which also helps you with serving customers.

3. Chat Around

Chatting with our customers shows your dedication to the group.

4. Be Active

Being Active shows dedication, and an HR will notice you.

5. Use Grammar

Grammar isn’t required as a Staff Member but should be understandable to the average Guest. Without Grammar, you’re unable to get a promotion.

Staff Guidelines

1. Don’t abuse!

Our systems and tools are there to make your job more simple. Don’t abuse them!

2. Use Basic Grammar

Make sure to use Gammar so any customer can understand. We want our customers to come back!

3. Listen to MRs+

MRs are there to help you, can keep control of the Hotel. Listen to them, and be respectful to them. Some MRs+ have great tips!

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We hope this Guide Helped with Coastal Creamery, as always we’re here to help.