Coastline Café Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Coastline Café!

Like with any corporation, there has to be some Frequently Asked Questions! In this post, we will be answering some of them. Of course, if you still are questioning something, contact an Executive Team member.


Q: Does Coastline Café have a communications server?
A: Yes! We do. It can be found on the group page’s social links.

Q: Does Coastline Café rank me to a moderator rank quickly?
A: Not really. It usually takes weeks to months of work to get promoted, unless you submit a moderator application which comes around every so often.

Q: When can I apply?
A: Anytime! If you’d like to be a trainee at Coastline, there is an Application Center.

Q: Can I be a developer at Coastline Café?
A: Whenever Coastline is hiring, sure! Just be ready to show us your work and how much you’re wanting to get paid.

Q: How do I file a report?
A: You may file a report in our Communications Server, or you can simply contact an admin.

Q: Does Coastline Café admin abuse?
A: No. Our staff are trained well and know not to do such things. In the small chance you do however see a staff member admin abusing, contact a SHR (Chief Financial Officer - President) immediately with sufficient proof.

Q: Does Coastline Café only promote aesthetic people?
A: No, we don’t. We only promote workers who show that they are good for the job. We don’t factor in appearance when it comes to promotions, unless of course the outfit is inappropriate.

Q: Is Coastline Café an easy job?
A: Well, it’s up to you to define ‘easy’. In my personal opinion, it’s an easy job.


If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact an Executive Team member!

Approved by the Coastline Café Executive Team