Coastline Café Low Rank Expectations

Welcome to Coastline Café!

Low Ranked members, or otherwise known as LRs, can range from Customers to Senior Baristas. Even though you may not be staff, there are still certain rules to follow. Coastline Café admins expect LRs to follow what’s below. If not followed, administrative actions will be taken.


  • Do not troll (Purposely disrupting the flow of the café)
  • Do not give items to people who didn’t order anything
  • Do not abuse the ‘!help’ command
  • Do not bully or harass anyone
  • Do not purposely order over the order limit (3 items)
  • Do not impersonate an admin
  • Do not raid the café
  • Do not follow a person around the café
  • Do not go on alternate accounts to troll
  • Do not spam capital letters
  • Do not dance or stand on the tables

If you have questions about any expectations, please feel free to contact an Executive Team Member

Approved by the Coastline Café Executive Team