Cocoa 2.0 - Update 2.3 Full Changelog

Update 2.3 has arrived! Here are all the new changes!


  • Added new chapter [Chapter 4 - Facility]
    Difficulty: 4/5 Stars

  • Added Hardcore Beta
    Attainable by reaching the ‘Silver’ rank in the game

  • Summer Sale!
    All skins price for a discount of 25% [Including the Ghosdeeri Bundle]

  • Shop UI Tweaks
    Skins will now display the amount of skins you have compared to the number of all the skins
    E.G 5/15 Skins Owned

  • New Rewards
    Two new rewards available: Hardcore Completed & Chapter Four

  • Return Button
    New ‘back’ button in the intermission menu available until 2 seconds remain in the intermission or less.

  • New Badges and Badge Art
    Badge art has been remastered (again) and there are new badges! These two badges are: Hardcore Unlocked and Hardcore Completed

  • New Collectables
    New collectable: Pipe! [35 Coin Sell Rate]

  • New Skins
    3 new skins: Dawson, Sadie, and Void Guardian! [Hardcore Exclusive]

  • Dawson Bundle
    An alternative to buying Dawson in the shop for 1200 coins. [300 R$]

  • Bug Fixes
    Lots of them!


  • Pokonut will no longer act until the round has officially started.
  • Skin prices readjusted
  • Skin sorting has returned
  • All skins resized to player size
  • Gradients added to all price text
  • Viewport Frames now have lighting applied to them
  • Viewport Frames no longer have a white outline to their objects
  • Codes will return as an error upon redeeming if code does not exist in the database
  • Marketplace prices have been readjusted
  • Marketplace fixed
  • Infected popup will no longer appear if map does not host infected upon spawn [Bot Only]


AzeruxYT- Owner, Lead Builder, Character Design, Animations, Story Writer
Desiholic_YT - Co-Owner, Lead Builder, Lead Scripter, Character Design
OCDSpider - QA Tester
CaptainClownbread - Story Writer
ItsGingeer - Character Design
volkan58341122 - Character Designer, Animations

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:wink: Thanks for reading the Change Log! More updates coming to Cocoa - 2.0 soon!

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