Cocoa 2.0 - Update 2.4 Full Changelog

Update 2.4 has arrived! Here are all the new changes!


  • Added new chapter [Chapter 5 - Subway]
    Difficulty: 3/5 Stars

  • Added Daily Rewards
    Join everyday for rewards that can vary from Coins to Gems! The higher the streak, the higher then prizes you get!

  • More Rewards
    Extravagant Hotshot, Committed Dedication, Complete Chapter Five

  • More Collectables
    Bat, Diamond, Bucket

  • More Badges
    Extravagant Hotshot, Committed Dedication, Achieved Sappphire

  • New Rank
    Added Saphhire and reworked Rank XP needed to level up

  • VIP Server Commands
    Type /commands in the chat as a VIP owner to get to it!

  • Skin Updates
    Remastered and changed animations of some skins

  • Bug Fixes
    Lots of them!


  • Skin Prices readjusted
  • Skin Viewports now play said skin animations
  • UI Tweaks
  • New Bot AI


AzeruxYT- Owner, Lead Builder, Character Design, Animations, Story Writer
Desiholic_YT - Co-Owner, Lead Builder, Lead Scripter, Character Design
OCDSpider - QA Tester
CaptainClownbread - Story Writer
ItsGingeer - Character Design
volkan58341122 - Character Designer, Animations

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:wink: Thanks for reading the Change Log! More updates coming to Cocoa - 2.0 soon!