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About Me

Hello! My name is Ryan. I’ve been using Roblox for ten years now and I’ve been building for six. Just recently, however, I’ve begun to excel in terrain designing and I’ve decided to start offering my music to Roblox so here they are! Below is a showcase of my work, and although building is not a highlight listed here I will do some work for that if requested privately. I can showcase this as well.


My work process takes only just a few hours to put together, but of course it largely depends on the project. Please not that these screenshots are not showcases and can be optimized for any game!


I am a college music education major that is currently not in school until fall 2021 for personal reasons. Composing tracks has become something I really enjoy doing! My genres I prefer are piano and instrumental orchestrations, not dubstep or electronic music. The following samples below are all tracks originally made by me in just a few hours!


This is a piano rendition of Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. It was composed in 12 hours with no breaks.

This is a simple tune I created in just a few minutes.

This is another simple tune created in a few minutes.

This is a sci-fi style track I created for a racing game.

Lastly, this is a 7 Rings by Ariana Grande cover purely with the Roblox “oof” sound. I thought I’d include this to show my flexibility and for the humor of it.


I am available every morning to afternoon every day except for Sundays! My timezone is American Central.


Pricing is 100% negotiable. I will have empathy for smaller groups or persons.

Terrain is calculated by the size of the map and/or the usage of mountains or rough terrain. One 1500x15000 Stud map with a featured mountain would be 5,000 Robux, or $18 USD. 3000x3000 would be 10,000 Robux or $35 USD, and so on. For me to add foliage (trees, vegetation) would cost another 2k no matter the map size! This price, however, can increase if it’s a large open world project! It can also be discounted if you provide me with the assets.

Music is relatively simple to understand as well. The following prices are listed as a solo piano track. If you’d like for me to use more instrumentation, the price is doubled.
If you’d like a jingle that runs only a few seconds, 400 robux, or $5.
For a one minute piece, 7,000 Robux, or $25 USD.
For a two minute piece, 9,000 Robux, or $30 USD.
For a three minute piece, 12,000 Robux or $40 USD.
For a four minute piece, 15,000 Robux or $50 USD.
Any length after this amount is totally available!

Pricing on the piece may be raised if you’d like something more complex. I will not prompt this unless absolutely necessary.


I will accept Robux or USD, as seen above! Transactions can be made via group funds, paypal or venmo. I will ask for a payment of half the price listed once the project is halfway complete. Prices must be paid in full upon my completion before you receive the work.


You can message me on Discord via CocoaMintRyan#6736
You can of course message me here on the dev forum!
Or, if you’d really prefer it, you can email me at

Thank you for reading!


That terrain looks great! I hope people hire you!

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Amazing terrain, will most definitely hire you in the near future. Prices are great!

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Sent you a request, Nv#2008 … looking forward to talking with you!