Code doesn't save when you close Script

Doesn’t happen very often but I just witnessed it as clear as it could get.

I went into my script, commented out 3 lines. Went to another script, commented out a few more lines.
Then I went back to my first script and found the edit i just did was gone. Nothing was commented out.

Luckily I didn’t loose any real work, but it’s clear that this is an issue that exist.
No repro available.


Can you provide the following information?

  • Was this a Team Create place, non-TC published place, or local file?
  • If a TC place, how many people were in the place at the same time as you?
  • Time this happened (including timezone) as best you can remember
  • Link to the place
  • How many lines does the first script have?
  • How many scripts did you have open?
  • Did you close the first script to edit the second, or did you just switch between them?
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