Code Folding Glitch in Studio Script Editor

There’s a glitch with the code folding feature (ctrl + shift + e, ctrl + e) in the script editor where segments of your code gets “locked” in a closed state. It happens frequently when you’re editing a folded or semi-folded script. Users can work around it by closing the script tab and reopening it.

Reproduction Steps

  • Create a script with the following contents:
  • Press ctrl + shift + e or fold the “do” statement by hitting the arrow to the left of it. You’ll notice it changes from the dark arrow to the white arrow.
  • Navigate to line 1 and press enter. Your code will now look like this (2 blank lines, then folded do statement):


You may also notice that the arrow to the left of the do statement went dark again.

  • Attempt to unfold it by clicking the arrow to the left of do or by hitting ctrl + e. Neither works.

Extra Details
The bug started happening several months ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the winter. I was unable to get a simple repro until today, though it’s been bothering me for quite some time.


This is already in the process of being fixed. Thanks for the report.

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Ah, gracias. My cursory forum search wasn’t enough for me to uncover that info on my own.

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Are there any updates on this bug?