Code issues - NPCS Dance

Hello! what’s wrong in my code? :frowning:

i want to play this animation in my npcs:
(24) Carrera de Rthro - Roblox


local animation = script.WvAnim

local humanoid = script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid

local dance = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)


dance.Looped = true
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Your NPC is not anchored right? And do you know if the NPC is R6 or R15?

the npcs model anchored? it’s anchored now and it’s r6 :frowning:

Humanoid:LoadAnimation() is now deprecated. Use Animator instead. To create and Animator on the NPC, you can use the function.

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The animation you gave is on R15 so it probably doesn’t work because your NPC is R6, also the model shouldn’t be anchored


Oh i understand… thanks you guys :smiley: