|| Code of Conduct


When in doubt of breaking our rules run the SELF test: Scrutiny, Ensure compliance, Lawful, Fair.


The following qualities are expected of all Staff Members.

  • Fair
  • Lawful
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Comradeship


Abide by all our laws shown below.
Before making any decision run the four T’s: Take Time To Think.

  • No trolling, harassment or threatening will be tolerated.
  • No inappropriate avatars are to be worn. / Disfigured bodies.
  • Use grammar at all times when in our games/to chatting in our group wall/dizzy.
  • Do not share any information about coming game updates/censored group information unless given permission by a Developer+
  • No unprofessionalism when in front of our community. Eg. games/group/our social medias. That includes foolishly joking around/failing to uphold our reputation.
  • No power abuse of any kind. Flexing rank, abusing rank privilege’s, abusing commands, border control, tools; keycard access, weapons etc.
  • Turn off the “CAPS LOCK”. Writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of SHOUTING and can cause offence.
  • Never identify a staff member by their name. (Address them by their rank; or when speaking to a senior officer as Sir/Ma’am.)
  • English is our central language. All staff are expected to be fluent in english.
  • Staff must be 13+ of age.
  • If you are inactive for over two weeks you will be demoted. An exception is if you have real life issues, then you may ask a senior officer at least Head Moderator+ for leave. (Max leave time is one month.)
  • Don’t post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age.
  • Don’t post any advertisements, however much you believe in the service or product.
  • When using the server; keep the content in the right channels. E.g. Announcements in announcement.

Or if what you are doing is simply stupid or harmful don’t do it. Even if it isn’t listed here.


Breaches of the moderation rules will be dealt with as follows:

  • Removal of Comment – any comment that, in the view of the moderator, breaches the rules will be removed.
  • Kick - a user who continues to ignore warnings may be kicked from our game/server.
  • Temporary Ban - a participant who repeatedly and flagrantly flouts the moderation rules may be suspended from access to our games/dizzy for a period of up to one week determined by the moderators. The period will reflect both the severity and consistency of the breach.
  • Perm Ban - a user who continues to violate the moderation rules following reinstatement after a period of suspension may have their access to the game/server/group permanently blocked.
  • Mute - a user who posts or links to inappropriate, offensive, illegal or scam sites will be immediately muted. Users may also be muted for spamming. (Mute can last up to a month depending on the severity - continued behavior can lead to a Kick.)


How to get promoted.

  • Trainee Moderator - users must complete a junior moderators course. As well as fill out a application form. Experience in previous groups/servers is required and proof.

  • Community Moderator - users must have finished their junior moderator training. And much have been a Trainee Moderator for at least three months.

  • Head Moderator - at least seven months of service as a ARC moderator. A high level of trust and a good moderator history with no abuse/law violations is needed.

  • Developer - Over a years worth of experience. Must complete a developer trail course. Must have completed the Trainee Moderator course.

  • Lead Developer - given to those who have showed all the attributes of a good Leader and Team management. Integrity , accountability, empathy, humility, resilience, vision, influence, commitment and positivity. - “Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

  • Assistant Manager - Given to a Lead Developer. Assistant Manager helps solve community issues and deals with funding.

How many positions are their for STAFF roles?

  • Three Trainee Moderators for every open Community Moderator spot.

  • Max twelve Community Moderators.

  • Only one Head Moderator.

  • Six developers.

  • Two Lead Developers.

  • One Assistant Manager.

What is expected from users in Staff roles? What do they do?

  • Trainee Moderator - All the listed qualities. Commitment, Fairness, Integrity, Comradeship, and the ability to uphold the law.

  • Community Moderator - The moderation team is responsible for making sure that our servers, groups and games have a nice, friendly atmosphere. Moderators are volunteer players that we trust and have proven themselves worthy to join our Staff Team. Making this a Safe, enjoyable community.

  • Head Moderator - The Head/Chief Moderator is in charge of keeping law/and order amongst the Moderator Team. He/she leads and commands them, giving their daily orders, sorting out indecision/quarrels, and recruiting new users into our Staff Team.

  • Developers - Our Dev’s work on our games/servers/groups. Providing new updates for our whole community, and taking part in the most important executive decisions.

  • Lead Developers - They Command the Developer Team, deciding new game updates, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Lead Dev’s may also work with the Head Moderator, and only take orders directly from the Owner.

  • Assistant Manager - Is a Lead Developer charged with taking care of marketing, (products/funds/payouts/sales etc.)


In-game rules. (A list of rules to abide by when playing our group games.)
These laws also apply for non-staff members.

  • No FRP.

  • No RK.

  • No killing cuffed players.

  • No spawn killing.

  • Do NOT violate ROBLOX TOS in any way.

  • Do not exploit/hack, or take advantage of any game glitches.

  • Do not pretend to be a rank you are not.

  • All orders from (higher-ranking) Staff must be obeyed.

  • No bypassed songs are allowed, doing so will result in an immediate ban.


Developer Rules.

  • No free models are too be used.

  • Plugins may be used but only with consent from a Lead Dev or the Owner. The plugin must also be fully inspected for bugs before being added to the game.

  • Developers must have a DevForum account meeting the rank member or higher.

  • NO models in our games are too be sold or shared with other developers without consent from the Owner.

  • Consent from the Owner is required before removing any script/item, this has been added due to a number of important items/scripts being removed.

Violating these rules will result in termination.