Code Rage Studio Rank Structure

:necktie:Director of Communication


The Director of Communication is responsible for maintaining the brand of CRS Studios. The Community Manager is responsible for communication such as game nights and giveaways. Sending messages both in our community server and group messages. Working with directors.

:necktie:Director of Hiring


The Director of Hiring is responsible for hiring recruitment, support team, and event team staff. The Hiring Manager will train either support or events or moderation. Once they are trained the hiring manager supervises the support team+ helping them with questions and ensuring that they are ready to be staff members of CRS. The Hiring Manager can dismiss those who are deemed not ready to be part of our staff team. Hiring Manager oversees the shadowing process for the recruitment and support team as well as training.

:necktie:Director of Events


The Director of Events is responsible for handling events such as tournaments, award events, giveaways. To be creative and bring new ideas in regards to events. The Director of Events works with a budget for promotion/giveaways and is responsible for working within that budget to make several events happen. For major events the Director of Events must Train the Event Team in the position of




The Director is also responsible for making sure the events run smoothly.

:womans_clothes:Game Supervisor


Serves as the Supervisor of selected games. Game Supervisors are Senior Staff who are trusted to handle situations regarding permanent bans, exploiting, player misconduct, abuse reports and other concerns. Game Supervisor is charged with monitoring and overseeing administrator and moderator positions and are in charge of promotion from moderator to administrator.



Administrators are responsible for monitoring CRS. Administrators are trusted with good judgement to ensure that community members, players and staff are not ruining the experience of our community. Administrators are tasked with overseeing moderators as well as assisting in our game servers.



Moderators are responsible for ensuring that the chat on group wall and community servers don’t get out of hand. They are responsible for ensuring that staff and community members are not violating rules.

:busts_in_silhouette:Event Team

Assists Director of Events with setup and monitoring events. Event Team in the position of Judge, Scorekeeper, Supervisor

:busts_in_silhouette:Support Team


Support Team is responsible for answering general community questions when in and are trusted to help resolve situations such as customer support, questions about our game, general community questions and directing community members and visitors to another department if further help is needed.

:busts_in_silhouette:Recruitment Team


CRS is hiring Recruiters. Recruiters are tasked with recruiting for Code Rage Studios via group recruitment plaza or other events, and while in CRS games in order to grow our community. Recruiters must pass training and be awesome community members in good standing.

This structure is set in stone and only are subject to change by Executives by a 3/3 vote. Any change reading this guide will be warrant for notification by our Director of Communication.