Code snippets, articles and property explanations in new documents site are not wrapped for mobile devices

In these 3 parts mobile devices cannot see most of the content because content in these pages does not wrap on mobile devices. Script boxes also don’t have horizontal scroll bars. However some parts are fine like this one:

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Hey, sorry about this - can you send over the URLs of the pages that do not seem to be wrapping properly? I can look into it then.

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This has the issue clearly.

This has different margins for left and right on some parts and examples like OutsideAmbient have some texts on each other.

This also has the issue, pretty much every guide.

Forgot to give the device info:
S7 Edge running Android 8.0, Chrome (up-to-date)
Running at 1080p res mode, no DPI scaling as far as I know

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Perfect, thanks. Flagged with the team, who will investigate the issue!


Hello @Aerodymier! I just wanted to close the loop on this one and let you know that the issue should be resolved now. Thank you for flagging it up to us!

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