Code testers for Doom/Quake inspired game

Greetings developers

I’ve been working on a first-person shooter inspired by the Doom and Quake franchise for the past 8 months or so. I have coded everything myself (only open-source asset I’ve used is the SpringModule for swaying) with a bit of support from other people with issues. I had to rewrite the framework twice due to messy coding, but after the newest rewrite I think it is stable for public testing. Shoutout to @Zuperpro12 for the amazing gun models. There are currently only 2 guns in the game, so I won’t have to make potential major changes on each gun in the future.
The reason I’m making this topic, you may be wondering? I’m not self-advertising. I am basically looking for people to “destroy” the framework; for example by trying multiple things (i.e. spamming) to make it collapse due to potential lack of sanity checks, but also just for general feedback related to animations, effects, gameplay, etc.

If you’re interested, here is the link: Project-Zyron - Roblox

I’ve started this project purely for the purpose of making an enjoyable game. I do not and will not seek any profit out of it.

In-game trivia

  • The “platforms” (or whatever you want to call them) make the temporary map for the game. They are randomly generated.
  • Damage drops off based on range
  • Headshots deal significantly increased damage
  • Serversided gun models are different; they are low-effort sketches of the original models to account for performance

Other good to know stuff:

  • The Gauss Shotgun doesn’t have a seversided model yet.
  • There aren’t any AI’s to fight against yet, but I’m planning to learn PathFindingService sooner or later.

Thanks for reading!


first bug I encountered was when I think I dashed onto one of the jump pads, sending me flying off of the map. I’m not sure what exactly triggers this but whenever I equipped the rifle it shot once without me clicking. I also dropped the shotgun tool and yet the reload sound would play whenever I disabled the modal by pressing L and you can swap between the weapons, allowing the reload to continue without needing to hold it and wait. Final bit of feedback is while the guns do look really cool, they don’t really feel like doom/quake guns. Other than that the game is great, I love how you’ve integrated the ideas from the original games into it and I think it has potential to be a really good game!

Is this only for PC
I cant play, :sad:

If you can change it, I can test it
But if you dont want to its ok

Thanks for testing. About the jumppad fling, it’s your character interfering with a platform that’s right above, I’ll try countering that by sorting out the platforms so they aren’t above or below each other. I’ve also encountered the gun firing by itself when equipping. I have no idea what could trigger that, but I’ll give another shot fixing it by potentially checking if the input comes from the player or not.
About the Gauss Shotgun reload, it is a game mechanic I took from Doom Eternal, namely “quickswapping”. Reswapping to a previous gun removes the reload time to encourage players into a more skill based playstyle. About the guns, I’m aware of them not being that Quake-esque, but in my opinion I don’t think that’s so important. I have a few models that aren’t in the game yet that will surely remind you of Doom or Quake (i.e. Super Shotgun).

I’m sorry, I’m not planning to add mobile support any time soon; it would be very hard to play on such device in my opinion, but I’ll reconsider that in the future.
About Xbox, I am planning to make a separate version of the game for Xbox users only.

I thought it might be quickswapping that caused it although there seemed to be a second or so delay before you could shoot after equipping the weapon, making it sort of the opposite. Anyway its still a great concept, I’d definitely play this in the future upon release

Good point, I have added that delay in an attempt to fix the gun shooting by itself on equip. I’ll lower that delay; if there is no delay, the player can basically spam swap which would cause some gun related issues.

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