Code Working In Studio But Not In Game [FIXED]

Hi There Devs,
I’ve been suffering from this bug and I have no idea why this is happening

In Studio

In Game

Thanks a lot!

Check your Lighting. This looks like a fog issue.

I think it might be the Highlight Issue, because there is a Highlight on the arrow and its affecting everything, but I have no idea on how to fix it.

Ah, yeah. Highlights can be pretty weird sometimes. I don’t recommend using highlights at all, as they are not reliable. Before you remove the highlight though, try disabling it in your studio and update the game so that the highlight change will be in the actual game, and see if that works.

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yep its the hightlight at fault, is there any other thing I can use to mimic the highlight? Cause the arrow looks ugly asf without it

There unfortunately aren’t that many that I know of. You could use a negative part to cut a hole into the arrow and fill the gap in with another arrow though, that is, if it’s not a mesh.

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Also, you could attempt to change the arrow’s highlight’s adornee to the arrow if you haven’t done that already, but I imagine you already have.

yeah ive already done that, but thanks for the help