Coder for Pacer Test Game [Closed]

Closed. I’ve found someone for the job. Thank you to those who applied.

Recently, my game The Fitness Gram Pacer Test, has taken off out of the blue. The game had long since been abandoned, and my coding knowledge is lacking some necessary things to handle the large masses that now follow this game. With that, the game is requiring a re-writing of much of it’s code & some help putting in some new features.

You will be commissioned for the project as the game is on my account and not a group, making transferring of a percentage of the game more difficult. As well, I’m willing to take the risk that I might not make much monetary return on a “meme game” for the work I need done.

I have a Hack N’ Plan of the project ready to go, and the timeline for the project is about 2 weeks. Here is the break down:

First 2 Days:

  • Rebirth System / Datastore Re-Write

Day 2 - Day 9:

  • Core Loop Re-Write
  • Basic Game Mechanic Fixes
  • Code Optimization

Day 9 - Day 16:

  • Rebirth Shop Coding (Trails/Particles)
  • Inventory System Coding / Datastoring
  • New Game Mechanic System (Gamepass + Developer Product included)

The payment is $900 USD or 210,000 R$*

For those unfamiliar with the basic game, check here.

*because the Robux is on my account, I’ll be “paying” 300,000 R$, however, the 30% tax will eat 90,000 of it.

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