Coder w/ extensive game design knowledge looking for work

##Available for contract work: :x: No


Hi, I’m Jade! I have roughly 8 years of experience using Roblox, and for about 4 of those I’ve been scripting. I started out in Team Rudimentality working on titles such as Strobe, Plastic Pirates, and Ignoble, but most recently I designed and programmed Rollernauts with the fabulously talented @BLOX31 and shipped it under Numoji Games. So, I have plenty of experience in testing gameplay, shipping titles, and fixing bugs.

Now, you may ask, “Jade, why do you want to work on my game instead of your own?” Good question! I’d like to focus on a single role–not art, not marketing, not PR, not music–just code. However, I’m totally willing to work alongside you and offer advice in other areas.


  • I can offer you simple gameplay scripts, but I can also code your entire game.
  • Upfront payment details are required. I can negotiate game percentages or payouts for any kind of long-term support or bug fixing.
  • I strongly prefer Slack or Skype for communication.
  • I’m available until I find an offer I like.
  • Contact me through Twitter or the Dev Forums with details of your offer. (not through Roblox)
  • Not a fan of sole “idea guys”, sorry.

I’m happy to answer any questions for you :grin:


How good are you at coding math-based character animation(not Roblox studio), and inverse-kinematic based movement with multi jointed rigs?