Coffee Rain // Another 2D Game of mine

:coffee: Coffee Rain

Today I created another 2 Dimensional game! Coffee Rain. Yes, it is, what the name says it is. You, a coffee mug have to collect as much coffee raining from the sky, as possible and get the highest score!

Play the game here:

This adds up to my collection of 2 dimensional games, if you would like to play other 2D games of mine, check your my profile:

Any form of feedback, suggestions and questions are appreciated! Reply below!

Thanks! :cookie:


I’m not going to lie, but this is one of the first 2D games I’ve seen on this platform. This game looks great! I really do think that if you go forward with this is will be great! One suggestions that I have is to maybe make some kind of customizations for the game. (For example: Different coffee cups, New backgrounds, New ground types). Overall one of the better 2D ROBLOX games.

-xPartyz :coffee:

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Thanks for the feedback!! I appreciate your positive views.

Aha! For sure in the future! :wink:

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I love the simplicity of it.

I’d recommend changing the speed of the cup and or drops, as it’s impossible to catch them all.


Or he could make difficulty settings for the preferred user.

Yeah, I thought about it, and just let it be since its night time, thanks! I’ll do it!