Coffee tables, some low poly assets and unfinished lobby

Coffee Tables, and rocks are free to take, feedback on them though? I was kinda holding on to these and was meaning to get feedback on them when I first made them. Been kinda busy lately on other things but uh I just felt like posting these because they’re just sitting on my profile… If you want them to use go ahead, These are simple and take no effort to make now but still, feedback is feedback.

This was all for a lobby i was making bc someone wanted to make a simulator game with me, but it never got further than a concept so i basically scrapped continuing it so i dont waste time on it. Had fully thought out ideas too it would’ve been super nice. But heres the links to the models and the images of what i can show lol. Thank you guys in advanced. :slight_smile:

Links to take

Coffee Table - Roblox
Coffee Table - Roblox
rock - Roblox
rock2 - Roblox


Feedback is definitely appreciated, everything except the fences and the paths where made as meshes.
I can do much better now, these were made like 2 months ago or so. I have something i’ll be posting soon once im completely finished with it though, its not gonna be mainly low poly either so uh yeah hope to get good feedback on that, should be good. :wink: something simple though.


All the models look good and properly put together since your more going for a simplistic look. Since your looking for feedback definitely create a lot of variety of trees and try not making the leaves flat I’m assuming it’s a cylinder sized properly to form that shape variation could go along way, and some branches different sized rocks give the models a greater look.

For example, if you search “low poly trees” you’ll see they come in different tree styles and shapes they aren’t repetitive and feature their own unique theme. At the start while they’re great models and something that could be placed in some sort of map area, you should continue to develop your skill and you never know you could even create asset packs of different style of (trees, rocks, kitchen items ect).


Yeah I agree with you, I believe what you see there was made in only… 30 - 40 minutes?
Thanks for the feedback definitely gotta work on the other varieties of scenery.

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