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Coffeelux’s Public Handbook

Welcome to Coffeelux’s public handbook! This handbook was designed to go into depth about topics such as our Code of Conduct, Frequently Asked Questions, Alliance Information, Rank Information, our Recipe Guide, and more.

Code of Conduct


You are expected to be respectful to all community members here at Coffeelux’. Any sort of disrespectful behavior will result in consequences.


Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sex, orientation, culture, or general identity is prohibited.


Spamming is prohibited at Coffeelux’ as it floods the chat & disrupts the flow of operations. If you are seen spamming, consequences will be given.


Starting or encouraging provocation, including arguing and creating drama are prohibited. Please, take any arguments to Direct Messages.


Exploiting is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated at Coffeelux’. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from all of Coffeelux’ resources.


Advertising or directing any links in the server and/or in direct messages is prohibited.

Session Times

Session Times:


Session 1: 12:00 pm EST/ 5:00 pm GMT/ 9:00 am PST/ 11:00 am CST

Session 2: 2:00 pm EST/ 7:00 pm GMT/ 11:00 am PST/ 1:00 pm CST

Session 3: 5:00 pm EST/ 10:00 pm GMT/ 2:00 pm PST/ 4:00 pm CST

Session 4: 8:00 pm EST/ 1:00 am GMT/ 5:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm CST

Friday and Saturday only- 10:00 pm EST, 12:00 am EST

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job at Coffeelux’?

To become an Awaiting Training member in the group, you must apply at the Application Center and pass the short in-game quiz. Once you have passed, you will be promoted to Awaiting Training.

How do I rank up to Awaiting Training?

In order to achieve the ranks Trainee - Senior Barista you must attend and pass four training sessions, which are hosted daily at the training center. Awaiting Trainees are required to get 2/5 points to pass. While Trainee’s need 3/5 points. Junior Barista’s need 4/5 points to pass and Barista’s need 5/5 points.

What do I do if I come across a troller or exploiter in game?

If you encounter a troller in-game, reach out to a Staff Assistant+ for help. If there are no admins in-game, you should contact a Management member in our Discord server. If you encounter an exploiter in-game, you should gather evidence of the exploiter and send it to someone on the Corporate or Presidential Team inside of our communications server.

What do I do if I don’t know how to make something?

If you do not know how to make something in game feel free to ask anyone around you for help. Or, look back at our Recipe Guide section for furthermore information.

What is the order limit?

Please keep in mind that customers may only order 3 items at once. V.I.P/Premium members are allowed to order up to 5 items.

Can I have safechat and be on the management team?

You can have safechat and be on the staff team, just not the management team. You must be 13+ to be on the management team.

How do I join the communications server?

You can join Coffeelux’s communications server through our never-ending invite link: 9ZHmxnXq9U.

Alliance Information


  • The group you are requesting an alliance for must be a professional industry on Roblox, such as a cafe, bakery, restaurant, juice bar, etc.
  • Your group must consist of at least 50 non-botted group members.
  • Your group must have a Discord server made and have at least 30 members.
  • Your group should be active and organized in a way that helps benefit both our groups.
  • Your group must remain professional and follow all rules. Along with that there shouldn’t be constant drama or raids.
  • The group you are requesting a partnership for must be willing to announce and attend future Coffeelux’ events.
  • You must send two representatives to represent your group.


Please fill out the following application in a Google Document and send it to someone on the Public Relations Team.

  1. What is the name of the group you are requesting to ally with Coffeelux’? Please link the group & server invite in this document.

  2. Why would you like to ally with Coffeelux’?

  3. How can both groups benefit from this alliance?

  4. What are you looking to achieve in this alliance?

  5. Do you understand that if your group no longer meets our standardized requirements, we will have no choice but to terminate the affiliation between the two groups?

  6. Who will be representing the group in our communications server? (2 representatives maximum.)

Rank Information


Customers- ∞

Noted Customers- ∞

Awaiting Training- ∞

Trainee- ∞

Junior Barista- ∞

Barista- ∞

Senior Barista- ∞


Staff Assistant- 100

Supervisor- 50

Assistant Manager- 25

Manager- 15


Corporate Assistant- 10

Junior Corporate- 5

Senior Corporate- 5

Corporate Officer- 5


Presidential Assistant- 2

Vice-President- 2

President- 1

Appeal Guide

Please answer the following questions in a google document and send it to someone on the Presidential Team.


  1. What is your Roblox username?

  2. What is your Discord username and tag number?

  3. Who moderated you? If unsure, leave blank.

  4. Why were you banned?

  5. How will you improve from your past actions?

  6. Why should your appeal be accepted?

  7. Do you understand and accept that your moderation appeal can be declined?

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Communications Server Code: 9ZHmxnXq9U.