Coin Collecting has Cooldown

Heya! I’m dev

I recently came across this issue while making an egg hunting system including currency and collectables. When collecting currency it has a cooldown before you can collect another coin.

The way this works is that I get all eggs under the Eggs folder in workspace, on touch I fire a client remote blah blah blah, and here’s where the tricky part comes where I think the issue occurs;

I receive the remote, apply the UI effect

Then tween and add a couple of task.wait(s) in between, which is probably the cause for the debounce/cooldown, but I have no idea how to approach a workaround…

I’m able to attach small code snippets if needed.

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wait() pauses the the next events for the time you’ve mentioned,
try using delay.



Output: waits 3 seconds, then sends hi and bye

delay(3, function() print('hi') end)

Output: prints bye first then waits 3 seconds then prints hi
This means delay only pauses the function that is inside the delay function itself, not like wait that pauses the whole functions below its lines.