Coin Simulator 2021 Christmas Event

⚠️ DISCLAMER: Coin Simulator is no longer Available.

2021 Christmas Event

1st December

What's new?

  • Christmas Theme Map, UI and Music
    Get a new Christmas vibe in Coin Simulator. Enjoy the new ambiance that really makes you feel awesome.

  • New Currency: Gingerbread
    Gingerbread is a new Event-Only currency. Collect it from the ground or using your Christmas Coin.
    There’s also a worldwide leaderboard for Gingerbread.

  • Christmas Coins Shop & Christmas Coins
    Use your Gingerbread to buy a Christmas Coin from the Christmas Coins Shop. Open it by going to the normal Coins Shop and clicking the button ‘‘To Christmas Shop!’’.
    The Christmas Coins will give you Coins, Gems, more XP and Gingerbread.

  • Santa’s Quests
    This year, Santa wants to challange the entire world to beat 5 challanges to get their gifts. If you want your gift let’s go and complete them.
    Get Coins, Gems and XP by completeing Quests.

  • Coins Leaderboard Statues
    To make the lobby more amazing I added leaderboard statues for the Top 3 Players on the Coins Leaderboard.

Small improvements

  • Fixed A LOT of major bugs.
  • New Coin Simulator Logo, Icon
  • New Great Games // Logo.

and much more…

Make sure to check out the game, to try out this awesome experience and the new update!

Current Version: 3.0.0 [Christmas]

:blue_heart: Great Games