Collaboration category is broken

Hello. As the title says, #collaboration is going nuts right now.

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The same thing happened to me recently. There’s got to be way more then three Collaboration posts! :laughing:

Being serious though, this happened to me almost a month ago and it’s still kind of wacky? I don’t know what the problem is, but I think it may be a bug or glitch. I think it works when you enter a tag.

You have to pick a subcategory for it to show. They are not shown because they are muted by default.


Still though, I don’t understand why subcategories are muted when the main category is not. You can still see all posts on categories page, and when you go into that hell click on the category, you’ll see nothing. Pretty useless imo

I am guessing the main reason for this is because completely hiding it would hurt discoverability for developers looking for an opportunity of being hired without the posts there clogging new/latest/top/unread sorts.

And also Discourse mutes aren’t recursive, so muting #collaboration doesn’t mute the #collaboration:portfolios and #collaboration:recruitment subcategories unless you do it yourself, so those would have to be muted manually as well.

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