Collapse/Expand All on Selected Explorer Objects

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to expand or collapse all selected hierarchy in the Explorer window.

Currently, you have to use “Select children” to expand all objects, and you have to cut + paste in the same parent to collapse all objects. This is not always practical, like if you need to collapse everything in the workspace.

I often need to reparent an object from workspace to a different model. If the model is at the top of the explorer window and the part is in the bottom of the explorer window, you have to click and drag it to the top and wait for a long time while the explorer window slowly scrolls up to where you need.

Cutting and pasting is not always an option because it will snap the object to the next available Y position.

Collapsing all the objects in the workspace would make it much easier to then drag a shorter distance.

(Also maybe a “jump to top” feature or something that appears when you are dragging an object in the explorer window would be nice to quickly get to the top)


Hey this would actually be really, really amazing??


Workaround plugin:


Giving this a big ol’ bump. Would be very nice to find a solution to this that isn’t a hack (as much as I do appreciate the post above).

This is especially a pain if you have hundreds or even thousands of container objects


Been suffering from the lack of this since the beginning of time, this issue wastes so so much of my time while I’m working in studio because it’s completely pervasive. I have to scroll so much all the time because I keep my workspace organized, which has lead to folders with thousands of children (i.e. terrain folder, map features folder, foliage folder).


Collapse all should be coming within the next two weeks or so!


Is it possible you could slip in an option to make it collapse all by default whenever you close an item? I’ve worked with a few programs- and for me that makes my work flow much quicker!

And if the option is already in the pipeline, then… WOOT!

Thank you, my goodness finally. Super happy to hear.

Does this also include an expand all function? This is useful to see everything a model contains at once, albeit this isn’t the majority use case.

I don’t think we want to touch on that just yet, as having the subtrees keep its state could be useful if you want to go back to it soon, but want to close it momentarily. This collapse all button would collapse everything in the subtree though-- that might be what you’re looking for!

Also for @PeZsmistic 's question on expand all. We’ve looked into the idea and are gathering opinions on how much of a use case it will have. Most of the request was for collapse, and not the inverse so far.


ExpandAll, along with some CollapseAll features (such as shift-clicking caret to trigger said actions) are available with the new Explorer Selection and Navigation Beta!


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