Collapsing building survival game I made

Here’s a game I made in a few hours. I’m trying to figure out how to reduce lag as much as possible. I know there will always be some lag, I just want to cut down on it.
Survive a Collapsing Building! - Roblox


It feels like you just unanchored a freemodel.

I made the building myself and I use a script to randomly pick a part and break all of its joints.

all that really happened was the stairs broke, thats it

You have to give it time. There are like 4000 parts.

I don’t unanchor all at once. Also, I’ve tried it on mobile and I wasn’t laggy. Most of the lag I was experiencing was on my computer.

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Oddly fun. I’m at 405 and counting.

Edit: I hit 1,000.

Edit 2: Hit 1,080 before I left.

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It would be cool if you added explosions or other things influencing the parts.

Edit: Honestly, you could just make a bunch of events like bombs falling, acid rain, basically anything that would destroy/fling the parts and cause havoc for the players. It’s a big change from what this was originally, but I think it could be a pretty solid idea.

TLDR: Make it survive the natural disasters but with a lot more disasters back to back (or whatever you want to do just a suggestion)

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I wasn’t intending for it to be a big game, just something I made real quick. I might add explosions or something of that nature.


Great! Sorry if I suggested too much, I tend to go a little overboard in situations like these.