Collatz Conjecture (3x +1) recreated in Roblox

I’ve decided to make the Collatz Conjecture, often known as 3x + 1 in Roblox lua in the most efficient way I could.

Function Inputs


The recall value is a function that will receive the result of the integer within the Collatz Conjecture Calculator per index.

Module link

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If you’ve got complaints, suggestions or ideas on what I should do next, feel free to reply!

The module link redirects to the Wikipedia article for the Collatz Conjecture instead of the actual module

Ah sorry, just realised that!

Updated it to link to the module!

To add in - Once the index’s value hits 1, it’s stopped to prevent a 1 → 4 → 2 → 1 loop.

This is pretty cool, but how would this be useful for developing?

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It can be adjusted to act as noise